Xeros is a Neo-Terranian from the planet Neo Terras.

Appearance Edit

Xeros is a large, grey skinned humanoid. He has cybernetic ally altered himself to be better suited for combat. He wears black armour, with a Galvanic Energizer Shell built in.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Xeros' species are much stronger than the average human. However, Xeros has been cybernetically enhanced, making him even stronger. Most of his power comes from his armour, which has a variety of weapons. Despite the large number of weapons, he prefers to fight with pure strength as his species deems consistently using weapons a great dishonour.


Two decades prior to Dylan 11: Ultimate Evolution, an incident led Xeros to be in debt to the Trinity. He repayed them two centuries later by releasing them from their underground prison.

The Trinity Arc Edit

Shortly after Dylan Jones receives the Infinitrix, Xeros arrives on Earth demanding the wielder comes forward. Dylan and Xeros fight for a while before Xeros absorbs the powers of Terrorfirma in the Infinitrix, using it to crack the ground. This allowed him access to a stone seal, which he tricked Dylan into opening.

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