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Ben is asleep in his bed when suddenly he is woken up by the Yenaldooshi's sonic howl. Ben realises the last he heard that sound when the Yenaldooshi went flying through Benvicktor's portal. The Yenaldooshi appears outside Ben's bedroom and shatters the wall. Ben changes into Howl. Howl comments on that he's never gone this new alien before. The Yenaldo
oshi lets out a sonic howl but it is countered by Howl's sonic screech. Howl fires a beam at the Yenaldooshi too make him drowsy. The Yenaldooshi lashes out at Howl. Howl then flies outside and drills into a tree
knocking it down on the Yenaldooshi. The Yenaldooshi gets the tree off of himself and tackles Howl pinning him to the ground. Howl changes into Spitter and fires a blast of slime spit at the Yenaldooshi knocking him into the air. The Yenaldooshi roars out in anger and charges at Spitter. Spitter bites down onto the Yenaldooshi's right arm. The Yenaldooshi knocks Spitter off of him and lets off a sonic howl in his face. Spitter is hurt but doesn't hesitate as he changes into XLR8. XLR8 rushes into his room and grabs the Null Void Projector. XLR8 fires
the Null Void projector at the Yenaldooshi and he gets sucked into the Null Void. XLR8 changes back into Ben. Ben decides to practice with his new alien and its powers. Ben changes into Howl again and flies off into Bellwood's forest. A camper sees him and shouts in horror believing him to be the Jersey Devil, annoying Howl. Howl flies down to the camper and turns his head 360 degrees. This freaks out the camper, so Howl fires a beam from his eyes and puts the camper to sleep. Luckily the beam was also designed to make the camper forget the last few minutes. Howl comments that he can't wait to tell Kevin. The End



  • Yenaldooshi

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