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Zs'Skayr was the Ectonurite High Ecto-Lord of Anur phaetos. He originally was stuck in the form of Ghostfreak, but after time managed to gain control over it and escape the Omnitrix, becoming one of Ben's most dangerous enemies.


In Heroes United the series (By BenXp)Edit

His lookEdit

In the original series, he had a gray body and black nails. However, in Alien Force, he had a purple body, white nails and spines sticking out of his back.


The original Zs'Skayr was High Ecto-Lord of Anur phaetos . He learned about the Omnitrix when one of Vilgax's data probes crash landed and he read its data files. Not long after, he met up with Myaxx when she was scouting the planet for DNA samples and aided her in acquiring samples from the nearby planet of Flors Verdance; however, unknown by Myaxx, Zs'Skayr possessed the Florauna that was being sampled and thus Myaxx then got a Ectonurite-Flouarana hybrid sample. Zs'Skayr's personality lay dormant within the Codon Stream, as Ectonurites' personalities are tied to their DNA. The real Zs'Skayr has died sometime between then and the original series and a genetic clone was created in full power. He now has super strength.

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